Ben Moore
    Ben Moore is one of Rockinbocker's lead vocalists, singing timeless hits with the same energy as the original artists.  His primary influences are the Beatles and Pink Floyd.  Ben is devoted to playing and singing songs to sound authentic and true to the original recordings.  He is Rockinbocker's rhythm guitar player, but also plays bass, keyboard & harmonica.  Having been playing since he was 12 years old, Ben has the experience required to pull off an amazing show.

Billy B

    Billy B honed his chops back east, playing rock and roll, blues, and country.  His style is influenced by Eric Clapton, and other great blues and rock guitarists.  Bill's soulful vocals add variety the great mix of tunes Rockinbocker offers.  

David Meyer
    David Meyer has a lifelong career in music and is Rockinbocker's exceptional bass player.  The careful attention to authenticity he puts into learning bass parts is noticed as soon as the music begins.  David is also one of Rockinbocker's vocalists, and the delicate harmonies that he creates are amazing.  Rockinbocker pays tribute to artists that hung their careers on good tight harmonies, and they get those harmonies with David.  David also plays guitar, keyboards and flute.   
Brian G
      Brian G has played in bands from L.A. to Seattle and all points in between.  With a career focused mainly in the Blues and R&B, Brian has played with such greats as Taj Mahal, Lowell Fulson and Mark Du Fresne [Roomful of Blues].  While in L.A. Brian had a 10 year stint with L.A.'s legendary bar rockers "The Woodpeckers".  Now with Rockinbocker Brian has a chance to play the music he grew up on, having been hugely influenced by both The Beatles and Eric Clapton.